Implant Enema Recipes

Implant Enema Recipes

Implant Enemas

An Implant Enema is made with a smaller amount of liquid, often only one cup and is retained permanently. This is a beneficial way to introduce probiotics and minerals to the system. A great strategy for taking an Implant Enema is to administer right before going to sleep.

Every step toward a clean colon will leave you feeling cleaner, lighter, and healthier. If this is your first cleansing enema you will find a step by step Guide to Giving Yourself an Enema.

Probiotic Enema

A Probiotic Enema Implant is recommended for those who administer Coffee Enemas and other enemas on a regular basis. It help replenish and protect the gut bacteria. It is also...

Mineral Enema Implant

A Mineral Enema Implant will provide support to the adrenals and thyroid, increasing energy and well-being. Prepare the Mineral Enema Implant Ingredients: 1 Dose / Serving Mineral Supplement Powder Filtered...

Acidophilus Enema

To replace the friendly bacteria in the colon, do an Acidophilus Implant Enema. This implant enema will restore healthy bacteria to the gut and eliminate constipation. Preparation Of Acidophilus Enema...