The Healing Enema for Detoxification and Nutritional Replenishment

Enema for Detoxification and Nutritional Support

Healing Enema

A Healing Enema is the placement of a prepared solution into the lower bowel for the purpose of improved health and well-being by cleansing, detoxification and replenishment.

The most common cleansing enema is the saline enema available in most drug stores or online. But that is changing as more and more people are discovering the benefits of The Healing Enema.

Healing Enemas provide detoxification or nutritional support and can be divided into three categories – Retention Enemas, Implant Enemas, and Cleansing Enemas.

Retention Enema

A Retention Enema is held in the bowel for fifteen minutes or longer allowing the solution to pass through membranes into the system. One of the most popular retention enemas is the Coffee Enema.

Implant Enema

An Implant Enema consists of a smaller amount of water and a beneficial additive that is held in the bowel for 45 minutes and often overnight. The liquid and nutrients are totally absorbed into the body.

Cleansing Enema

A Cleansing Enema is usually made of at least one quart of water and the additives have cleansing properties. It is not intended to be held in the bowel but instead to flush out obstructions and accumulated waste. A Cleansing Enema is often given before the more therapeutic enemas.